The Font struct

The font struct wraps information to pass to the renderer when drawing text. It includes useful things like which loaded sprite font to use, letter/line spacing etc…

Font(texture, spritemap)

The main constructure requires that you pass it a texture and spritemap instance, here is an example of how you’d load those then use this constructor:

texture = assets.load_texture("arial_20.png", TX_RGBA, TX_CLAMP_TO_BORDER)
spritemap = assets.load_spritemap("arial_20.json")
font = Font(texture, spritemap)


Once you have created a font struct instance, the letter_spacing property can be set like so:

font.letter_spacing = 1

Letter spacing determines how many pixels are placed on the x-axis between each text character.


With a font struct instance, the line_spacing property can also be set like so:

font.line_spacing = 24

Line spacing determines how many pixels are used to space lines ot text on the y-axis.