Windows Setup


Xentu SDK will run on versions of Windows as old as Windows XP given the correct setup. Honestly though if you do this, you are mad :)

Windows Installer

If you wish to install the SDK the most traditional way, you can download the Xentu SDK here.

Make Sure It Works! (Windows)

Open a command line console or terminal, and enter the following command:

xentusdk version

If all goes well you should get a message telling you which version you have installed. However if it throws an error, it maybe that the sdk is not yet recognised. Often the easiest way to resolve this is to restart your computer.

If that does not work, then the next thing you can try is to add the path to the installed SDK into your PATH system environment variable (press start and type “system environment variable”). After locating and changing the PATH variable, restart your console/terminal, and it should work.

If You Need To Uninstall

The Windows installer provides a traditional uninstaller that can be accessed by the Add or remove program tool.