Xentu is a slim, fast and easy to learn framework for creating 2D games scripted in Lua. It’s completely free to use, open-source (under the zlib license), links to other open-source libraries, written in C/C++, and very cross-platform friendly.

Main Website:

Features Include

  • Works on OpenGL 3.3+ (and ES 3.0+).

  • Game code is written in Lua, no need to recompile every time.

  • Structure using very fast emitter/subscriber events.

  • Organise with the scene system (switch instantly between game parts).

  • Load in textures, sprites, custom shaders, fonts, data etc… using a clever asset manager.

  • Renderer smartly with a system that draws in pre-organised batches for performance.

  • Move, rotate or scale graphics using the simple built-in transform system.

  • Includes tools for creating, packaging and sharing your games.

  • Compact & portable, with the main exe compiling to 2mb in release mode.

How Do I Get It?

If you are interested in using the engine to make your own games. The best way to get started is to use use the Xentu SDK. Follow the Installation guide on this site to find out how to install it.

About This Documentation

This site is the main documentation hub for setting up, and using the Xentu game engine. It’s built using the Sphinx documentation engine. And is maintained as part of the main engine GitHub repository:

There is a lot of information on these pages, making a lot of room for mistakes, typos, and innacuracies. If you spot something that needs fixing, please report it on the issues board attached to the GitHub repository linked above. All help in this regard is appreciated!